Time to Celebrate Half a Century with Some Special 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Have you got a special someone, that has stuck by you through thick and thin? Are you reaching half a century in your relationship journey? Think they deserve a wedding anniversary gift that is going to top all others? Dam right they do, and we’re here to help. Spending 50 years with the same person, is good cause for celebration, and one of the best ways to mark the event is with 50th wedding anniversary gifts. This special day is only going to come round once, and you deserve to see a smile on each others faces. Think you’re going to have a problem finding the perfect gift? We don’t think so, but just in case we’re happily going to share some of the best gifts available.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas That are Traditional

50 years of pure goldWhen you want to show your significant other half how much you care there are lots of 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas to choose from. And lots of way you can show your love. Traditional or modern, anniversary gemstone, anniversary flowers or the gift of an experience.
The traditional symbol for a 50th anniversary is gold, hence it’s also called a golden wedding anniversary. They’ve been using gold as the symbol since the Middle Ages, when a husband gave his wife a garland of gold. If you’re wondering whether you wife will be happy with a similar present, our advice is find something else. Garlands aren’t the most popular of accessories, and it might not be quite her cup of tea.
You’ve been married for half a century so something special is in order. How about a bottle of her favourite wine, served in some personalised anniversary glasses. This particular gift is available in all shapes and sizes, designed with particular drinks in mind. For example it could be champagne flutes, whisky tumblers or goblets for her wine. You can even order then trimmed in gold.
Jewellery is another great choice, and there’s so much to choose from you’re going to struggle over where to start. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bangles, brooches, rings – available in various colours of gold. Keep her personal taste in mind though, before you spend any money, or she’s not going to be very keen to wear it.
Is your beloved a bit of a foodie? Tie this passion for food in with her present. If she loves creating in the kitchen you might have to wander away from gold as a gift. Because there aren’t many gifts you can use in the kitchen that are made from gold. There’s still plenty to choose from such as a personalised cheese board, platters made of soapstone, gift hampers full of tasty food, chocolates and candy. You could also whisk her away for afternoon tea at a swanky hotel, or treat her to a gourmet meal at the restaurant of a famous chef. You can eve arrange for a chef to come to your home.

Give Her The Memorable Gift of an Experience

Take a look on the internet and you’ll be amazed at all the gift experiences available to commemorate this momentous day. You could pick something that will be a complete change from the normal run of your days. Pick an experience that introduces her to new opportunities, or something you know she’s been longing to do. For example:

  • Hot air balloon flight – she’ll be able to see the wonders of the countryside from a whole new perspective
  • Western horse riding and cookout – a great way to explore the beauty of Canada, from a covered horse drawn carriage
  • Sleigh ride, including chocolates and champagne – a very romantic way to spend your anniversary
  • Wildlife safari bus – seeing the wonders of nature you’ve previously only seen in books
  • House cleaning – an unusual gift, but we’re pretty sure she’ll love you for it. Someone else to come and do the cleaning, so she gets to sit and put her feet up
  • Caving
  • Salsa dancing lessons
  • Wine tasting
  • Dinner and a show
  • Flying lessons
  • Personal makeover
  • We could go on...

Say Happy Anniversary with the Gift of Flowers

50th Wedding Anniversary Gift IdeasWhen it comes to saying “Happy Anniversary Darling”, nothing says it quite as well as a single rose bud, or a huge great big bunch. Flowers have been used for centuries to convey special messages, not just the love you have for someone. They can symbolise sympathy, support, apology, thanks or remembrance, to name just a few.
Floriography (the language of flowers) has been recorded as being used by the Ancient Greeks, Romans, Chinese and Egyptians. Who all used flowers in their legends and stories. Flowers given as a gift is first recorded as taking place in the Middle Ages. And in the mid 1700’s, French and English people visiting Turkey discovered a comprehensive language of flowers, that very quickly caught on.
Giving flowers has always been seen as a bit one -sided. With the traditional exchange taking place when a man gives his beloved flowers as a gift. Many modern men however, are now saying that they love receiving flowers as a gift too.
There’s only one downside that we can see to giving flowers as a gift – they don’t very long. Even with the best will in the world their beauty soon fades and the flowers die. One great alternative is a gift from Eternity Rose. Using a series of special processes they are able to capture the beauty of a living bloom, by dipping it in either gold, silver or platinum. Making it one of the most exquisite 50th wedding anniversary gifts ever. The bloom will last your wife’s lifetime, making it suitable as a momento to be handed down through the generations.

As you now realise, all that worry and stress was in vain. There are a plethora of suitable 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas to choose from. You just need to find the right one for your wife. Keep in mind all the years you’ve spent together and everything you’ve learned about this important lady, and you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect gift for her.

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