A 5 Year Anniversary Gift for Your Special Lady

Traditional or modern? The choice is yours completely. But whichever route you take, finding the most ideal 5 year anniversary gift could be a bit of a nightmare. Up until now you’ve done pretty well, and managed to find something new and special every time, but this year it looks like you’re all set to hit a brick wall. And you’ve not been helped on this occasion by the traditional list, although it looks like the modern one might be a bit more helpful. The traditional symbol is wood, and when you try to think of 5th wedding anniversary gifts for her not much is forthcoming. Apart from tables, chairs, bookcases, shelves, doors, chopping boards and wooden picture frames. Not very inspired or romantic come to that. Silverware is the choice if you’re thinking of going with the modern list, and that doesn’t seem too imaginative either. Don’t start panicking just yet though. Because we’re going to give you a few helpful suggestions, and things won’t seem so bad.

Silverware or Wood – 5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

always and foreverWood and silverware are the symbols associated with 5 years of marriage. But there’s also the daisy and Rose Quartz the gemstone. These materials and items are only meant as a suggestion however. Nothing’s set in stone as to the kind of anniversary gift you choose for her. She’s your partner, so it’s your choice. But let’s explain why these particular symbols have been chosen, and it might make you think again about your decision.
Traditional Wood – it is thought that this has been chosen as the symbol for 5 years of marriage because it represents very clearly the strength and solid quality of a relationship that has continued for half a decade. Trees were also once associated with wisdom and strength. By the time 5 years have passed your marriage should have developed strong and deep roots, much like the sturdy oak tree. Much like a tree, your relationship will have been honed by the previous years experiences and you will have gained a mutual understanding or each other’s needs. Trees can be very forgiving of their surroundings, much like forgiveness is an important quality of a successful marriage.
Modern Silverware – it is said that silverware was chosen because it is a reminder of all the happy mealtimes you’ve shared together, and the connection that you’ve both worked hard at nurturing. And this doesn’t just refer to you and your wife, but includes your children too.

Wooden 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Let’s introduce a few ideas if you’re set on finding a gift made of wood for the lady in your life. 5th wedding anniversary gifts that aren’t tables, chairs, chopping blocks or wooden picture frames.
Grandfather clock – or a wooden clock that could have pride of place in your living room.
Statue – maybe one of two people sharing a loving embrace
Planter – if your wife loves gardening this is the perfect gift. It could be personalised with her name, or your wedding date, and could include as part of the gift, a young tree for her to nurture.
A birch wood vase – rather than fill it with real flowers, see what you can find in the carved wood line.
A trinket box – so she’s got somewhere safe and special to keep all her treasured memories and precious trinkets. Start her collection off with a few of your own, such as a photo from your wedding day, and maybe a love letter.
Love blocks – you’re going to think that this is a great way to tell your wife how you feel. Each of the little blocks of wood have a personalised message, of your choosing.
Wooden key ring – she’ll never forget where her keys are, and have a way of remembering this special occasion every day.
Tree – this is the kind of a gift that you can enjoy together. A tree to plant in the garden, and watch as it grows.

Give Her Daisies for a 5 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

anniversary gift ideas for herMany different flowers have become associated with wedding anniversaries, and for the 5th wedding anniversary the flower is a daisy. Why a daisy?, we hear you cry. The daisy’s centre embodies the passionate bond that exists between a married couple. And all the experiences that have been shared so far. The individual petals, that radiate out from the middle, are both delicate and strong. Representing the way in which a married couple will expand and grow their feelings for each other. Fidelity is also a quality that the daisy stands for. Very important for a successful marriage, we think you’ll agree. At first glance a daisy appears to be a very simple flower, but look closely and you’ll see its delicate beauty shine through. You can choose between giving your loved one an extravagant bouquet that has daisies in it, a single bloom or a living plant that can be given pride of place in the garden. But we think the best way to express your love, is to go out into the garden on the morning of your anniversary, and make her a daisy chain.

5 Years is a Long Time for Modern Marriages – What’s Next to Look Forward To?

It might not seem like very long, but for modern marriages this is a significant achievement. Pretty sad really, that marriage is not the union it once was. But not surprising when you consider the throw away world that we now live in. We all too easily throw things away and get something new when things take a bit of a down turn. Rather that investing time and effort in putting things right. But you and your wife are obviously cut from a different cloth, because despite all the obstacles that have been put in your way, you’ve found the courage, strength and have the love to keep your marriage moving forward. Onto to bigger and better things.
We wish you all the best on your journey, and hope you both enjoy your 5th wedding anniversary, and all those yet to come.

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