Something Durable yet Flexible – 10 Year Anniversary Gifts

So what is the symbol that’s been chosen for a 10 year anniversary gift? Tin. Not a material you come across everyday, so you might find this anniversary gift for her a bit of a challenge. Tin was chosen because it has the qualities of being both durable, while at the same time being flexible. Pretty much like your marriage, after a decade. 10 years is probably considered to be the first significant milestone, and most hopefully the first of many still to come. An alternative is aluminium, which will possibly open up your gift giving options a little wider. These are both symbols that feature in the traditional lists, for the modern take diamonds have been chosen, in particular diamond jewellery. Which should make finding the most adorable 10 year wedding anniversary gift for her, an absolute breeze.
After 10 years of being together, including the stress of having kids, your union should be as strong as diamonds. And it needs to be because the trials and tribulations aren’t over yet. You can show your wife how much she means to you, and how your love is everlasting with the gift of a diamond ring, bracelet, earrings or necklace. We think she’ll get the message.

10 Year Anniversary Gifts That are a Shining Example of Your Love

tin for tenWe’ve already touched on the fact there are lots of ideas available, if you’re looking for a 10 year anniversary gift that will wow your significant other half. Traditional and modern, but there are also flowers and gemstones too. Gemstones are often associated with certain emotions and feelings because they aren’t just beautiful, but also have certain healing qualities.
Diamonds are the gemstones associated with a 10th wedding anniversary, but there also blue sapphires. So what is the meaning behind these symbols?
Diamonds – these are the hardest and most valuable of gemstones, and actually stand for many different things such as bravery, abundance, love, harmony and not forgetting wealth. Quite a good symbol for ten years of happily married bliss – although we appreciate it’s not all been a bed of roses.
Blue sapphires – these are a popular gemstone for wedding anniversary gifts, as they are most often associated with faithfulness. Sincerity and truth are also qualities they symbolise.

With these two gemstones, you’re not going to have a problem finding 10 year anniversary gifts that will amaze and delight her. Buy her a piece of jewellery that includes one of these and you’ll be a very likely contender for husband of the year. A little word in your ear first though. Before you rush out and buy the first item you like the look of remember that the gift is for her, not you. Take a look in her jewellery box, or look back over some of your old photos, in order to get an idea of the kind of jewellery she prefers to wear. Get her something that doesn’t match and you’re gift will go down like a lead balloon.

Fancy Your Chances at a Gift Made of Tin?

So you’re not fazed at all with the task of finding a gift made of tin? Pretty impressive. But if you’re a little clueless about where to start, here are some helpful ideas.
10 Year Anniversary GiftsWatch the Wizard of Oz together – if your wife loves a bit of nostalgia, sit down and watch the classic movie, Wizard of Oz. The little girl inside her will shed a tear, at the plight of the cowardly lion, the scarecrow, Dorothy, and of course the tin man.
Chocolates – presented in a tin gift box naturally.
Tin bucket filled with her favourite things – books, CD’s, DVD’s, beauty products, tasty treats to eat, and something to drink, naturally in an aluminium can.
A tour of the city in a helicopter – this kind of experience is one that often features in people’s bucket lists. So you’ll be giving her the chance of a lifetime to cross one thing off.
Puzzle in a tin – with a memorable photo, this gift will soon have her smiling. The photo can also be put on the lid of the tin.

Perhaps she’d Prefer a Gift Made from Aluminium

  • A gadget for the kitchen – and we don’t mean a washing machine or tumble dryer. While it might make her life a bit easier, it won’t be considered a very thoughtful or romantic gift. Instead try and find an unusual kitchen gadget that will make her time in the kitchen much more fun.
  • iPod – downloaded with her favourite tunes, what isn’t there to like about this kind of gift? It’s connection with aluminium? It’s what it’s made of.
  • An anniversary sign or plaque – customised with something funny and hilarious or downright cheesy. The choice is yours.
  • Lunchbox or briefcase – everytime she opens it she’ll be thinking of you.

How about those for some inspiring 10 year wedding anniversary gifts. Not impressed, and still stumped for the perfect kind of gift? If all else fails wrap something in tin foil, and the traditional 10 year wedding anniversary gift has been ticked off the list.

You Could Always say it with Flowers for Your 10th Wedding Anniversary

platinum roseThe right type of flower to buy for a 10th wedding anniversary celebration is the beautiful and colourful daffodil. A bunch of them together are an explosion of bright and cheery colour. So how does that link in with a 10th anniversary? You’ve been together now for almost a decade, and during that time you will have enjoyed lots of special times together. They are precious when viewed on their own, but put them all together and the feeling is outstanding. Choose to give her a bouquet, or some bulbs for her to plant in the garden.

We hope that you find our suggestions useful or inspiring, and we’ve help you find the most perfect gift to give to your wife on your 10th wedding anniversary. But don’t worry if you haven’t liked any of them because there are hundreds, if not thousands of appropriate gifts to choose from. Whatever you give to your wife this year, make sure it is memorable and shows your true feelings. Tick these two boxes and you’re pretty much set to enjoy a few more years together.

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